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Have you ever felt like you had no idea about what is going on in Delft? We know we have! Find out what’s going on in Delft, so you are never bored again on a Saturday night.


Where is the cheapest place in Delft to get a haircut? Where can you loan a steam cleaner for your dirty carpet? Discover places like these, that students frequently visit.


Did you know you can receive up to €200 from the Dutch government per month as a rent subsidy? Have tips and useful information about living in Delft at your fingertips.


Have you been living in Delft already? Is there something you wish someone had told you sooner when you had just arrived in Delft? Contribute these on our platform here.


Are you ready to make a positive impact on the lives of students in Delft… and beyond? Have you also faced the problem of not having the information you needed as a new student in Delft? Join our team!

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